Artist Residency

Last fall, I came across an artist residency that I was interested in doing. I wanted to have a period of time to solely focus on art-making. As I was working on the application, I was talking about it with my client Teri of Coyne Coaching. The first thing she said was, " You have already taken the time off, even if you don't get the residency you should take the time anyway and be in your studio, do your own residency"  I really had not thought of that as an option and I knew she was right. I have studio space in my home and a strong studio practice already. Months later, I was disappointed that I was not accepted to the residency program, but thankfully, that feeling was short-lived. What Teri said was already firmly planted in my mind and I quickly shifted to excitement about having two full weeks in my studio to make art! The reframe made me realize that had I not applied to the residency, I would never have taken the time off work to ONLY make art. Sometimes our biggest disappointments are our best opportunities. 

I will be away from my salon, Crown, from January 20th through February 6th. You can take a peek into what I will be making during that time on Instagram.

Written by Alexis Wheeler and edited by Frances Beebe.