July Offering Project

This month's Offering Project is inspired by time I spent in California in early July. While staying in Mendocino, on a visit with longtime friends, I visited with encaustic artist Pamela Hahn in her studio. Pamela is the person who originally introduced me to encaustic painting, as well as R & F Paints in Kingston, NY.

While I was there, she was preparing for an upcoming show at Partners Gallery in Fort Bragg, California. Pamela has been so generous in sharing her creative process. I saw finished paintings, works in progress, as well as some past work. I left that day feeling so inspired, thinking about new techniques to try out.

Thank you Pamela!

This painting is for sale with all proceeds being donated to charity. Visit my shop for details.

Written by Alexis Wheeler and edited by Frances Beebe

encaustic paint on board 12"x12"

encaustic paint on board 12"x12"